Tuesday, 10 September 2013

MAC 'Speak Louder' Dupe

Hey Guys!
If you're a make up obsessive like me,then spending £15 on a lipstick or £30 on a foundation is nothing. Because it is a passion or a hobby that you don't mind forking out for. But if you're just someone who likes wearing make up to feel good and aren't all that bothered about wearing high-end products, or if you just don't feel like venturing out of the drugstore just yet then it's great to find dupes of expensive products that are just as good!

I purchased this MAC lipstick at the start of the year. It is in the shade 'Speak Louder'. It's a creamsheen formula and comes out darker than it appears on this photo. Later on around May, I picked up a Rimmel Kate Moss lasting finish lipstick in Shade 05. When I realised how similar these lipsticks were I was abit gutted I hadn't found the Kate Moss lipstick first! But hey, now you don't have to waste your money, as the MAC lipstick was £14 when I purchased it.

As you can see,these colours are practically identical. MAC is the slightest bit darker, but both lipsticks are amazingly pigmented and last for a few hours.

Just a quick post today, I hope you enjoyed it :)
Bye Guys xo

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  1. Wow that's a really good dupe - but I do love to splurge on MAC :)
    Becky xxx