Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Autumn Bronze Eye Look - Evening

Hey Guys!
Before I talk you through this look let me tell you about the traumatic experience my face went through yesterday. I had the day off so I though I'd take photos for some posts I want to do in the future. First I tried to create a vampire look but hated it so much. I wanted to get a flawless base and covered my face in 5 layers of pale foundation,which(surprisingly) didn't work. I then had to scrub it off with a face wipe which stung my face ALOT. In order to create this look. Later on I decided to pamper myself with a peel off face mask. I accidentally left that on for too long and couldn't take it off my face because it was more or less pulling the first 3 layers of my skin off with it. My face went through a lot yesterday. But we got through it!

What I used
MAC Wedge - On the whole lid
MUA Undressed Pallette - Shade 07 - Through the crease
MUA Undressed Pallette - Shade 11 - Blended on outer 3rd of the lid

Personally, I wouldn't wear this to a party as I don't think it's enough but I also wouldn't wear this look to pop into town. This is the kind of look I'd wear to a meal or to the cinema or something like that. I wanted to focus the attention on the contour in terms of the base which is why I didn't use blush. To wear this look to a party I'd add a dusty rose blush and use a pigmented pinky nude lipstick instead of lipgloss. I think the eye shadows in this look all blend together nicely and I was very happy with the turn out of this look!

On abit of a boring note, this is only the second time I've posted a make up look and only the second time I've put my face on here for you all to see properly. I hate to be soppy but I'm not 100% confident with my looks so can you please keep any negative comments to yourself, thanks :)

See You Sunday!
Bye Guys xo


  1. Your skin looks amazing, even if it did have an awful time yesterday!
    I've never heard about that happening if you leave the face mask on for too long, so thanks for the heads up... :-)
    I've just followed your blog, looking forward to new posts xx

    1. This is such a sweet comment! Thank you :) xxx

  2. You look so much like Tanya Burr! Love this look :)
    Becky xx

  3. flawless! Love your blog.

    new follower!

  4. So funny! I literally did the same exact thing with my face mask yesterday also! But your gorgeous and your makeup is flawless.
    xoxo Chantel

    1. This is so sweet and lovely. Thank you so much! xxx

  5. The bronzing is really nice! Also you are super pretty!

    Stephanie Dong Fashion +

  6. Your skin looks flawless! I'm so jealous!

    Sophie xx

  7. you have a lovely cute face ! great blog !
    I'm following you now, lets keep in touch :)