Monday, 2 September 2013

Summer Favourites!!

Hey Guys! So summer ends and autumn begins. I can't wait to get some cozy jumpers and drink hot chocolate all day! Because I bought alot in July I used them in August also, so instead of my August favourites I've decided to do summer favourites. Enjoy!


 As you can see,I have quite a few things to get through! As I went on holiday some of my favourites are from when I was away, because if you live in England you'll know that we rarely need things such as sunglasses and aftersun!


My first hair favourite is V05 Give Me Texture spray, the idea is you spray on dry hair and then tousle it. I used this alot on holiday in the day when I couldn't be bother to do anything with it. The next thing is Charles Worthington Volume Bounce Mousse. I took a few mini cans of this in my suitcase and was great for when my hair looked abit flat and lifeless. The last thing is something every girl uses in summer, dry shampoo! The one I used this year was Lee Stafford Original Dry Shampoo. When you're in a hot country, this is your savoir, when my hair was looking abit greasy I just sprayed this and it lasted me until my next shower.


When it comes to summer lips, the two main things on my mind are bright colours and a moisturising feel. Most of these lip colours tick both those boxes! From MAC I have Viva Glam Nicki which is a perfect bright pink for summer and looks da bomb with a tan. Yes. I just said 'da bomb'. Although it's not as moisturising as the others,you could drink all the cocktails and eat all the magnums in the world, this stuff won't budge! My next MAC lipstick is Creme Cup, this isn't a bright colour but a perfect creamy lip to wear in the day with minimal make up. My next two things are colour boosts which I briefly wrote about in a post which you can check out here. These Colour boosts are amazing. They're creamy,pigmented and perfect summer colours. My favourite is red sunrise. The last thing is a must in summer, lip balm. My lip balm of choice this summer was Body Shop's Born Lippy in Raspberry. The smell of these are to die for and they look lovely over matte lipsticks because they don't tint you lips,they just make them look very glossy and make them smell great!


Bright colours and pastels are perfect choices for nails in the summer, they brighten up your look and make your nails pop. My favourites were coral and berry from Barry M and Bubblegum from Models Own. The camera hasn't really picked up the neon in Bubblegum and has made Coral look alot more orange than coral. But click the links to see for yourself :)


I have two skin favourites which worked together quite well. The first one is Ambre Solaire After Sun. I liked this alot because it's a spray which means it's light,refreshing and not sticky on your skin. The next thing I used was Hawaiian Tropic spray oil. I'm really bad at catching a tan and this ensured I was brown in no time. Woohoo!

Everything Else

I couldn't really think of a category so I created a random one. The floral wedges are absolutely gorgeous and I often wore them to meals on holiday, they're so summery and I just fell in love with them! I bought them from Tesco's for £18 but are not on the website so I can't include a link,sorry! The glasses were a Primark Bargain and I don't have link for these but I think they were £2. I love the shape even though they covered nearly all of my tiny face haha! The floral pattern is so summery and who doesn't love abit of floral in the summer? The last thing is the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer. I'm not sure of the shade as I bought it a while ago and it has rubbed off, but I think it might have been classic beige. This has always been too dark for me, but when I had a tan it filled in the job of my Collection concealer and covered my circles well. 

 So that's it,few! I think instead of doing monthly favourites on this blog I'll stick with seasonal as I tend to buy alot of things at one time and use them over the course of a few months. And then I'll ram them in to one long blog post like this, that's if you enjoy it this way of course! I go back to school tomorrow which means I wont have as much times on my hands to do blog posts every couple of days. I think it's more realistic that I post once or twice a week as this will allow me to spend more time creating better quality blog posts than rushing around trying to do 3 or 4 blog posts a week that aren't up to mine or your standards. You know what they say, quality over quantity! 

Well, I've rambled on enough. As we say goodbye to summer we should welcome autumn with open arms. Who wouldn't want an excuse to buy loads of new summer clothes and make up?! I hope you enjoyed this post even if it is the longest blog post you've ever seen and I hope you all had a good summer. Let me know in the comments if you've done a summer/autumn favourites post so I can have a look. I look forward to seeing what you've been loving! 

Bye Guys xo


  1. this is such a good idea for a post! loving your summer faves, just followed you on bloglovin and gfc too, keep in touch lovely xx

  2. Creme cup is one of my favourite mac lipsticks, love your blog xx

  3. Nice post those shoes are amazing and I've been loving the peach on the beach lip crayon too :)
    Meg xx

    1. Thanks lovely and the lip crayons are amazing :)xx

  4. Those lip products are gorgeous, I have added viva glam nicki & creme cup to my list! I really want to try the vo5 texture spray. Lovely post:) xx

    1. The texture spray is really good! Thanks lovely :)xx

  5. I love my Peach On The Beach lip crayon! Great post(:

    LittleMissFashion xx

  6. Great lip product picks,I would really like to try the color boosts super pretty, Followed you with GFC :) if you end up stopping by mine and showing support back I also have a giveaway on right now :)

  7. I'm loving the Bourjois lip crayons at the moment (who isin't!?). Loving the nail polish colours!


  8. great favourites! viva glam nicki and creme cup have officially been added to the wishlist ^_^ such pretty colours!

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'