Sunday, 8 September 2013

My Real Techniques Brushes and Review

Hey Guys!
If you read my Autumn Wishlist you may know that this post was supposed to be up yesterday. Turns out I've lost my battery charger and my camera has been dead all weekend. After 2 days I realised I wasn't going to find it,so I've ordered a new one and I bought some cheap batteries to work my camera until then :)
It's a day late,but good things come to those who wait! Here's my Real Techniques Brush Review!

 So these are all of my Real Techniques brushes, which I've been collecting for 4 months. I bought the Core Collection first and my latest edition is the Shading brush. All these brushes are super soft,easy to wash and completely dry in the morning when washed at night.

The Buffing Brush
This Brush was part of The Core Collection, and I used this when applying powder or to blend my make up together. This brush blends quickly and does a good job at it too! This is one of my favourite brushes.

The Expert Face Brush
 I use this brush for my foundation and I can't believe there used to be a time where this brush wasn't in my life. This is the most amazing brush ever, it blends amazingly,quickly, and doesn't absorb any product. This, as all the brushes are, is so soft and delicate on the skin, it is the most perfect brush ever and you can purchase it here :)

The Contour Brush
This brush was part of The Core Collection and I use this brush for blush and bronzer. The shape and size of this brush means it is easy to apply the right amount of product to the face, this brush is good for powder and cream application. Double whammy!

The Pointed Foundation Brush
This brush was part of The Core Collection, and my least favourite brush. I can't use this for foundation as it leaves lines on my face and take ages to apply due to the size of it. Believe it or not, I have still managed to find I use for this brush. I use it to apply setting powder under my eyes after concealer, as it is the perfect size for the job!

The Shading Brush | The Detailer Brush
The Shading Brush is my most recent Real Techniques brush. It's short head makes it easy to keep in control while blending. It blends colours together well and another use for this brush is apply cream concealer, particularly under the eyes. The Detailer Brush is the last brush from The Core Collection and I don't use this very often, but when I do I use it to apply brightly coloured lips as it gives me more control.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, and I hope it helped some of you decide whether you are going to buy these brushes or not(you definitely should!). Let me know in the comments if you found this helpful or if you have done a review on any of the Real Techniques brushes. I'd love to check them out as I'm hoping to expand my collection! I'll speak to you very soon.

Bye Guys xo


  1. Great review! I have the Expert Face Brush and think it's amazing.


  2. Nice review :O). Xx

  3. Love the review!
    Was thinking of purchasing some of these in the comming weeks - so tempted now!

  4. Heya I nominated you for the leibster award, find out more on my blog

  5. u need these in my collection!
    great review.

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

  6. Real techniques are my favourite. You should try the expert face brush, its amazing!
    Becky xx