Monday, 28 October 2013

My Pandora Bracelet and Charm Collection

Hey Guys! So half term is finally here and I plan on doing nothing apart from sitting infront of the TV everyday and eat my weight in food, perfect! Apart from Halloween night when I actually have plans for a change,haha.

I was very lucky to receive this bracelet from my mum on my 13th birthday which was almost 18 months ago and earlier this year I got my tenth charm for my 14th birthday. My Pandora is very sentimental to me as each one brings back a memory, whether it be a birthday or a charm to represent something I love, every charm is precious. I have never bought myself a charm as for me it would then feel meaningless because it wouldn't represent a memory, also they can be quite pricey! The theme to my bracelet is simply memories and I decided straight away that I would keep it primarily silver.

I apologise for the different backgrounds and lighting but the sun was going in and out, and my camera wasn't focusing aswell on some as it was on others. For some reason I just couldn't get a decent photo of my tenth charm but I will list it along with the others.  

From Left to Right, Top to Bottom
My uncle and his fiance got me this charm for my 13th birthday and it is one of my favourites, it's so sparkly yet simplistic :) You can't really see on the photo but it has some sort of shiny stone in it.
I got this one last Christmas from a close family friend, it's really cute and simple :)
This was my first charm and it was from my mum. I was really into baking back then and that's why she got me this charm. It's really cute and the cherry on top is gold which adds a really nice detail to it.
My Nan got me this last Christmas because I asked for it and it is hands down the cutest charm ever. His little smile just melts my heart!
I got this for my 13th birthday off the same family friend. It's such a lovely charm and although I'm not a fan of most dangling charms, I like this one as only the key dangles.
I asked for this off my mum for my 14th birthday because I think it's really pretty and I love sparkly charms :)
My auntie got me this for my 13th birthday and it's a really cute daisy charm :)
My mum bought me this for my birthday for obvious reasons. My name is Emily,which starts with an E ;)
My Nan got me this for my 13th birthday because the Christmas before I received a 'proper camera' if you like,and I was really interested it photography. Although I'm not as interested now, photography still interests me and my camera comes in handy for photographing things for my blog :)
The last one, my Auntie got me for my birthday and it's a really pretty heart. I'm sorry I couldn't get a decent photo of this one but you can see on the Pandora website what it looks like.

I hope you've enjoyed abit of a different post today. I like posting about make up but I do want to incorporate a few different things aswell so I've got a good variety. I really enjoyed writing this post and I hope you enjoyed reading it and finding out a few things about me that you didn't know :)

I'm excited about my next post which will hopefully give you a few Halloween make up tips!
Bye Guys xo 


  1. I've wanted a pandora for ages, but I loose / break jewelry so easy I'd be to paranoid to wear it! I love the camera charm, its so cute!
    becky xx

  2. Hi :) would u please check my blog too? <3 Thanks :D