Wednesday, 16 October 2013

NYX Haul

Hey Guys! I know I said I'd be posting on Saturday but as I'm off school today I thought I'd do this post as it doesn't take much photographing and editing. I know my new background is boring but this is where I can get the best lighting in my house at the moment I'm afraid!

There is a story behind this haul. I am trying to save at the moment and not buy make up, but I was in Next trying on some new school boots when I seen a NYX stand opposite me. I got very excited because I've been wanting to try NYX for a few months and I had no idea there was a stand so close to me. I got very excited and ran to the stand with one school boot and one Converse on with the cheesiest grin on my face. It's fair to say everyone in that shop thought I was abit mental. I didn't pick up alot as I'm not really supposed to be spending money(naughty) but now I know I can get NYX whenever I want, so ha :) 

I got two blushes, Peach and Pinched. Peach in my opinion is a pure pink with maybe a hint of peachiness in there but definitely pink. It doesn't show up this bright on your face, don't worry. The other one I got, Pinched, is a dark shimmery pink and I think this colour will be great for Autumn. The blushes were £6 each which I think is a very good price for how pigmented these are.

I also got a jumbo eye pencil and matte lipstick. The lipstick is in the shade Tea Rose and is a berry purple shade. I think this shade is perfect for Autumn and not too dark on my skin. It's matte so it creates quite a bold look without being too out there. The matte lipstick are £6 each. Lastly, the jumbo eye pencil which is in the shade Milk. My first impressions of this are so far so good. It's a very creamy, highly pigmented eye pencil. I would use this for a base for my eyeshadow and in my water line to make my eyes pop. This pencil is extremely white, hence the name Milk. I wouldn't wear this in my waterline on a daily basis as it doesn't look natural like a nude pencil would. I would wear this more on weekends when I wear more make up anyway. The pencil was around £5-£6. 

I can't give much of a review at the moment as I haven't had these items very long but for the pigmentation and packaging I think these products are a great price.

Bye Guys xo


  1. Wow!:) was the nyx stuff in a store if so what was it?:)x

  2. Just found out about your blog. Love it! (:


  3. I have to have a look in my Next to see if they have a NYX stand - The Peach blush is so pretty!
    Hope your okay, you haven't been blogging much recently.
    Becky xxx